Window Wells and Their Covers

Egress windows are constructed in the basement of a premise and are used mainly for emergency exit purposes. Since these windows are used by people for emergency purposes, there is need that they comply with the prevailing building and construction codes for a given state. One of the specified requirement is that the windows ought to be of the right size so that entrance and exit is easy and unhampered in any way. Usually, the accepted standard for the window should be 44 inches from the flow of the basement. The window openings also ought to be at least 5.7 square feet large and should have a matching height of 24 inches.

As already seen, the window is to be constructed on the basement of your building In addition, it should have a window well around it. A window well is a semi-circular excavation outside an egress window. The materials used for reinforcing the window well include metals, bricks, plastic or fortified timber. The key aim of having a window well is for aiding in egress. There is need to cover window wells for several reasons.

First, the covering of the window well will prevent runoff water from collecting in the well and subsequently into the building. The covering of the window well is also important to keep of falling debris from collecting therein in case other parts of the building are still in construction. The window well covers also keep off falling snow from the window well. The most important work of the window wells, however, is to reduce fall related accidents. Due to the fact that the wells are beneath the ground level, covering them obviates the risk of people falling into them. Due to this most important purpose, therefore, the covers should be made of materials that are sturdy enough. To gather more awesome ideas on  egress window well covers, click here to get started. 

There are stipulations regarding the standards of the window well covers. First, it is required that the covers can be easily removed during an emergency. No special tool should be required for the opening of the covers. The window well covers also ought to be strong enough so that they can hold the weight of a falling person. Having the window well covers made of transparent material is an extra caution that will help ease escape in case of an emergency since the person escaping can be guided by the light coming through the window well cover.

Window well covers can be made from a number of materials ranging from plastic to metal. However, the choice of the material you choose for your window well cover will depend on a number of things such as your preferences, the durability you expect for the covers as well as whether you want light to pass through the covers or not. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.